These terms and conditions apply to our Mobile Mechanic, Small Engine Repair services by Autologic Mobile and Diagnostics.

​$40.00 - 60.00 - 1 hour minimum diagnostics fee will be charged If we drive to your location to diagnose your car.
$70.00 on Saturday or Sunday
$100.00 after hours

If AutoLogic Mobile is not available and you take your car to another shop or mechanic, we will not reimburse you for anything.  You will be voiding the warranty with Autologic Mobile at this point.


Our Mobile Mechanic service provides the customer with an alternative to going to the garage. Our labor is warrantied for 60 days or 6000 miles and parts are subject to manufacturer's warranty.  

All services and the procedures used to complete the services are done in accordance with Real Time Labor Guide Repairs and Estimates. Autologic Mobile will not refund the cost of our service, nor will Mobile Auto Care be responsible for incurring the cost of any service redone by a 3rd party garage or mechanic, deemed improper by a 3rd party garage or mechanic, without consulting Real Time Labor Guide and Estimates first.  

We do not reimburse for car towing!​

Autologic Mobile will not be responsible for any damage, personal or vehicular, caused by our services and/or procedures. Unless without a reasonable doubt and documented by a 3rd party insurance company, Autologic Mobile cannot be held responsible.

All invoices are subject to 8% late fee if payment is not received on completion of work, fees will be compounded every 1 day.

Warranties are non transferable.  No warranty on steering repairs without proof of alignment.

​Once an estimate has been agreed to, it is implied that these Terms and Conditions have been read and agreed to. 

We are not responsible for mis-diagnosis if your car has been modified and original parts have been rewired or bypassed.

1. Autologic Mobile reserves the right to void all small engine warranties should operator error be a factor (or if the customer tries to work on or diagnose their own car after we have repaired it.

2. Autologic Mobile will not be responsible for ANY damages caused as a result of our Battery Boost, Lock Out Service or Flat Tire Change and Repair.

3. ”SERVICES COMPLETED"  Includes Parts and Installation. 

4. Should you encounter any issues with any product or service provided by Autologic Mobile the following warranty applies:

5. All products installed by Auto Logic Mobile are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to your receipt for warranty information. If you encounter an issue, you can always call us for information

6. Weather may keep us from replacing certain items. When it's really COLD, plastic breaks. We'll do our best to let you know ahead of time. We do not work in the rain, If it is raining or starts raining the job will be rescheduled.

7. Should you, the customer feel that something after the installation process has caused any issues, please contact us immediately.

8. The electronic communication between Autologic Mobile and the customer is a legal document. When funds and services are confirmed by both parties, the electronic communication is a binding agreement that protects Autologic Mobile and most importantly, the customer.

9. Appointments may be subject to rescheduling if extreme weather conditions exist on the day of your appointment. We follow the weather closely and will use every means possible to stick to our schedule. The safety of our staff is very important to us. Nobody's safety or well-being is worth risking for business. Extreme conditions include but are not limited to snow, extreme precipitation and outdoor temperatures as well as dangerous roadside conditions.

10. Autologic Mobile reserves the right to refuse services to anyone! This is solely based on an individuals attitude, Cursing, Derogatory Remarks, Racial Slurs, Underhanded or Unethical Acts, Unsafe Conditions or if the customer has performed work on the vehicle prior to Autologic Mobile diagnosing or repairing the vehicle.

11. All parts sales are final, if parts are ordered for your specific vehicle and you cancel your installation appointment, dispute charges or cancel a payment you are still responsible for payment for the parts ordered and work done.  The parts are yours and will be delivered to you.  If payment is disputed or cancelled and work has been completed, a mechanics lien will be placed on your vehicle.

12. If you have a complaint etc. you must submit it in writing or email to autologistics@pm.me within 30 days of service.
       Please be very specific... Name, Date, Services Performed, City, State etc.

13. We cannot warranty parts provided by the customer, we will install parts provided by the customer with no warranty and no guarantee.

14. If you diagnose your own car and ask us to install parts based on your diagnosis, you will still be charged the full amount of install if the service does not repair the problem.

15. If a job is completed and we are called back, you will be charged accordingly if the repair is not related to our previous work.  i.e. Autologic Mobile replaces an AC Compressor and we are called back because the AC is not cold anymore and upon completed diagnostics we discover there is a leak in a part we did not service, the customer will be charged a diagnostics fee and repair fee if you proceed with repairs. If you do not proceed with repairs a $50.00 diagnostics fee will be charged.

16. If we complete work on your vehicle and you work on said vehicle yourself (specifically on the parts that we worked on) we cannot warranty any of our previous work or if you have taken it to another mechanic or shop.

17. Autologic Mobile does not negotiate prices, they are as low as we can get them for you, We do not work for free.  Our rates are $65.00 per hour.

18. It is always our goal to have your services/repairs completed by the time agreed upon, Parts delays and other circumstances beyond our control can make this impossible to fulfill. We will do our very best to let you
know the status of your vehicle so you have time to make transportation arrangements.

19.  Multiple components often fail within the same timeframe. We do not guarantee any other parts or components on the vehicle.
However, if you decline services required by the manufacturer, the part may NOT be warranted if defective. Example: Water Pump manufacturers often require a coolant flush be done at the time the pump is replaced or they will not honor the part warranty.

20. Refunds and/or Labor Claims on a defective customer-supplied part are the customer’s responsibility. A higher labor rate is charged when a customer supplies their own parts. We reserve the right to refuse to install customer-supplied parts.

Customer must give Autologic Mobile a chance to repair any defective parts  or any other issues before taking your vehicle to another shop or mechanic.